IISc, Bengaluru

Fellow 2020 Physics


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Quantum Photonics with Plasmonic Cavity Coupled Quantum Dots: Emergence of Long Range Polariton Transport & Spin-Momentum Locking

The speaker will discuss his recent results on coupling of colloidal quantum dots (QD), from single to compact assemblies, to plasmonic nanocavity arrays and metamaterials. With single isolated QDs his group was able to distinguish quantum coupling to localised surface plasmon and surface lattice resonances modes in plasmonic nanocavity arrays. He will discuss ultra-long-range optical energy propagation in these hybrid quantum photonic devices. He will also talk about the observation of photonic spin-momentum locking in the form of directional and chiral emission from achiral QDs evanescently coupled to achiral hyperbolic metamaterials. Efficient coupling between QDs and the metamaterial leads to emergence of these photonic topological modes that can be theoretically explained in terms of rigorous modelling based on photon Green’s function where pseudo spin of light arises from coupling of QDs to evanescent modes of HMM.