IIT, Mandi

Associate 2020 General Biology


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Plasmonic Nanocapsules for Photothermal Therapy

Nano-scale noble metal particles have garnered interest due to its excellent property to generate localized heat upon excitation of its surface plasmon, which if targeted to tumour site can lead to cell death. The speaker and group have developed rattleshaped monometallic and bimetallic nanocapsules having absorption in the Near infrared region (NIR) and demonstrated its (plasmonic photothermal therapy) PPTT activity and stimuli responsive drug delivery. The engineered metal nanorattles structures have a solid Au core and a thin, porous metal shell and possess extinction in both the NIR-I and NIR-II region of the biological window. The unique properties of these plasmonic structures such as porous nature, intrinsic electromagnetic (EM) hotspots and broad absorption in the NIR region were utilized in designing a stimulus responsive nanotheranostic system capable of SERS-based bioimaging drug delivery and PPTT.