IIT, Guwahati

Associate 2018 Chemistry


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

A Facile Chemical Approach to Design Functional & Durable Nature-Inspired Wettability

Applications of nature-inspired wettabilities include oil/ water separation, anti-corrosion, underwater robotics, protein crystallization, drug delivery, open microfluidics, water harvesting etc. Generally, essential chemistry and appropriate topography that conferred the special liquid wettability were mostly achieved by associating delicate chemistry, where hydrophilic hierarchical top was decorated with inert chemicals. Eventually, the synthesized materials suffered from poor durability issue. To develop durable and functional bio-inspired wettability, recently, the speaker and group have extended 1,4 conjugate addition reaction between amine and acrylates at ambient condition. Further, porous and chemically reactive interfaces were prepared for tailoring various important and functional liquid wettabilityThe synthesized interfaces were successfully applied to demonstrate some practically relevant out door applications.