NARL, Tirupati

Fellow 2020 Earth & Planetary Sciences


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Dominant Rain Microphysical Processes in Monsoon Clouds

Several dynamical & microphysical processes alter the growth of cloud drop into a rain drop within and below the cloud. These processes dictate the rain amount reaching the ground and heat budget of the atmosphere through latent heat release/ absorption thereby play a crucial role in modulating/generating atmospheric circulations. The dominant microphysical process(es) in any region, however, depend on the ambient environment and climatic conditions of that region. Understanding these processes and deciphering the dominant microphysical process in different climatic zones are imperative for improving parameterization schemes and weather forecasting. This talk primarily focuses on extraction of rain microphysics in monsoon clouds using a variety of instruments, including disdrometers and ground and spaceborne radars and understanding the underlying physical processes. Several intriguing results were obtained on raindrop size and its variation as a function of height, season, rain type and climatic zones and these will be discussed.