VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram

Fellow 2021 Earth & Planetary Sciences


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Aerosol Radiative Forcing over India and Regional Climate

Aerosols affects the radiation balance of the earth – atmosphere system through direct (scattering and absorption) and indirect (modifying the cloud properties) radiative forcing and alter regional and global climate. ISRO maintains the largest network of aerosol observatories (ARFINET) over India covering distinct landmass regions in India and marine regions around it. Besides this, several multi- platform field campaigns were conducted onboard research ship, aircraft and high altitude balloons. An integrated approach, where a combination of observations from ground-based and space-based systems with state-of-the-art radiative transfer and climate models, is used for climate impact assessment. This talk is about the important scientific results from the Aerosol Radiative Forcing over India (ARFI) Project of ISRO-GBP, which improved our understanding of the atmospheric aerosols and its climate impacts over Indian region.