Associate 2020, Engineering


Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Point of Care Diagnostics: Electrochemical sensors as a Platform for Rapid Detection of Diseases

Biosensors provide highly sensitive assay for rapid detection of any disease and its implementation in a simple, easy-to-use, inexpensive, point-of-care (POC) disposable cassette that carries out all the unit operations from sample introduction to detection. A novel, ultrasensitive electrochemical immunosensor was developed for simple, rapid determination of various biomarkers. Under optimum conditions, the proposed sensors displayed wide linear detection range (1 fM to 1 μM) with a low detection limit in standard. Furthermore, the developed uPARimmunosensor showed good reproducibility, repeatability, and storage stability (75% of initial activity upto 4 weeks). Currently, the speaker’s group is focusing on to fabrication of the manufactured electrode in to point-of-care diagnosis. Their system is particularly suitable for resource-poor settings, where centralized laboratory facilities, funds, and trained personnel are in short supply, and for use in doctors’ offices, clinics, and at home.